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More oh-eight (D)


The White House was asked yesterday if Bush has been asked to authorize Secret Service protection for any of the announced presidential candidates yet, and if the budget that comes out next week will provide for what may be an unusually large number of candidates.  Snow said he knew "the answer to neither" at the time.  Clinton already has Secret Service protection.

A new Quinnipiac poll shows Clinton performing well in the key battleground state of Ohio, besting McCain (46%-42%), Giuliani (46%-43%), and Romney (52%-31%).  Also in the poll, McCain edges Obama (41%-38%) but loses to Edwards (44%-41%).

The New York Post notes that White House press secretary Tony Snow pounced yesterday on her comment over the weekend that Bush was being irresponsible for passing along the Iraq war to his successor. 

At a Senate field hearing in New Orleans yesterday, Obama "blasted the Bush administration Monday for the slow pace of Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts, saying reconstruction no longer seems to be a White House priority.  'There is not a sense of urgency in this administration to get this done,' said the senator from Illinois.  'You get a sense that will has been lacking in the last several months.'"

Former Gov. Tom Vilsack "met his fundraising goal for the end of 2006," campaign aides say.  "Vilsack raised $1.1 million between Nov. 9, when he formed a campaign organization, and Dec. 31," after saying "he planned to raise $1 million before the end of the year."  (The most serious contenders for the parties' nominations are expected to raise around $100 million.)