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More Oh-Eight (R)

The Washington Post examines whether Sen. Chuck Hagel will enter the presidential field. "Hagel said in a wide-ranging interview this week that he is discussing his options with his family and other confidants and will make a decision in the next six weeks. He said one possibility is forming a presidential exploratory committee and … seeking the Republican nomination. Or he may seek a third Senate term. Then again, he might take a more creative path" -- running for president on a unity ticket.

When asked by NBC's Meredith Vieira on TODAY whether he'll run for president, Hagel responded, "You'll be one of the first I let know."

Duncan Hunter kicked off his presidential run in Spartanburg, South Carolina yesterday, saying "My fellow Americans, with the support of our families, with faith in God, and with confidence in the goodness of American people, let's begin this race for the American presidency and let's win." 

Just before his big trip to New Hampshire this weekend, the Boston Globe reports that Rudy Giuliani has won the endorsement of former Massachusetts Gov. Paul Cellucci (R), despite the fact that Mitt Romney asked for his endorsement two weeks ago.