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The Bush Agenda

The New York Times covers Bush stumping yesterday for his new health-care proposal and indicating "he was ready for a fight. 'If people in Washington are serious about dealing with the uninsured, here is a serious idea for them to consider,' Mr. Bush said of his health care plan. 'They're just dismissing things because of pure politics.'"

USA Today: "White House spokesman Tony Fratto said public pressure — and demand for better health care — would force Republicans in Bush's party and Democrats who control Congress to work together."

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said the Administration's budget proposal for the next fiscal year -- which is set to be released on February 5 -- will include a slow down Medicare spending "expected to add up to $90 billion in five years." In addition, the "proposals to save the government money on Medicare complement President Bush's plan to change the tax law to make employer-provided health insurance taxable as income."

The Washington Times notes that Bush's State of the Union speech pleased many conservatives, who were afraid the president would pander to Democrats.

The Chicago Tribune says Bush sent Education Secretary Margaret Spellings out to sell his proposed changes to his No Child Left Behind plan. Spellings was in Chicago yesterday to plug "the more controversial parts of the blueprint, including vouchers for students to attend private schools, allowing districts to bypass state-imposed charter school caps, letting districts circumvent teacher contracts to transfer teachers to the worst schools."