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Add another to the '08 mix?

From NBC's Mark Murray
According to the AP, a source says that former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) is expected to file paperwork on Monday to form a presidential exploratory committee, which would make him the latest person to make this serious move for the White House. A Huckabee spokesperson, though, would not confirm the AP story to First Read.

While GOP presidential hopefuls like John McCain and Mitt Romney have spent the past year hiring staff and luring top party fundraisers, Huckabee has been relatively quiet, giving political observers the impression that he wasn't interested in running for the White House. If he does run, however, Huckabee has some qualities that would make him an attractive candidate -- including his weight loss of approximately 100 pounds (which voters could find inspiring) and his record as a pragmatic, yet conservative, governor.

We'll learn the full story about Huckabee's intentions when he appears on NBC's Meet the Press this Sunday.