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Hagel: All fired up

From NBC's Ken Strickland
At today's Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, Sen. Chuck Hagel (R) -- a possible presidential candidate -- gave a passionate plea to his colleagues to pass his non-binding resolution opposing Bush's plan for more troops in Iraq. At times pounding on the desk, he said we owe it to "the men and women we continue to send into that grinder."

Hagel said debating this resolution may be difficult for some, but that's too bad. "You want a safe job?" he asked. "Go sell shoes!" He challenged the Bush Administration to "show us the plan [for Iraq]. There is no plan. This is a ping-pong game with American lives." In addition, he made the case the while American lives are being lost in Iraq, the Iraqi government -- which the president "boasts" about -- can't even get enough people go convene their parliament to conduct business.

Hagel added that Congress is also to blame: "We didn't involve the Congress when we should have. I'm to blame. Everyone who has been here for [the last] four years is to blame." And referring to his possible White House bid -- or bid for re-election in 2008 -- he said "maybe I'm wrong" for standing up against the Administration's policy. "Maybe I'll have no political future."