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SOTU: The Democrats' Response

"The aggressive note struck by Webb... Reflected the changed political reality on Capitol Hill." 

The Boston Globe says Webb's remarks on Iraq were in stark contrast to the "gingerly" remarks Gov. Tim Kaine (D) gave on the same issue during his response last year. 

The Washington Post's Milbank cheekily notes the seesawing between Vice President Cheney and Speaker Nancy Pelosi as they stood to applaud at alternating points during Bush's speech. 

The New York Times has this nugget: that Pelosi had been coached by her staff to keep a neutral face during Bush's speech.  "They warned that any raised eyebrow or pursed lip would be captured by the cameras trained on the president." 

NBC's Doug Adams notes that Democrat Christine Jennings, who lost her House race in Florida by 369 votes, was in the hall last night as a guest of Rep. Ellen Tauscher (D).  Jennings is seeking a new election, claiming that faulty voting machines in Sarasota, FL resulted in 18,000 voters not being able to cast a ballot for any House candidate.  Her lawsuit is now in pending in a Florida appellate court.  She has also asked the House Administration committee to investigate the election, and a "notice of contest" has been filed with the Clerk of the House.