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Looking for 'hope'

From NBC's Mike Viqueira
American politicians have taken the message of the November elections to heart, at least the one where voters said they were sick of bickering and negativity. The Capitol has been full of uplifting rhetoric over the past weeks, with the words "hope" and "optimism" getting frequent airing. Just moments ago House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked what she wanted to hear from the president this evening. The first thing she mentioned was a message of "hope and optimism." Earlier today she said she is "very optimistic that the president will present positive initiatives."

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid feels the same way. "I hope that he can bring us some hope," he said, referring to the portion of the speech that will address the situation in Iraq. Last week it was potential presidential candidate Mitt Romney who, somewhat improbably, praised Sen. Barack Obama for his "message of hope." Even more remarkable was that he said this to a meeting of House Republicans.