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In NH, mixed feelings about the big field

From NBC Boston affiliate WHDH's Scott MacEachern
A random sample of New Hampshire voters actually believe it's too early to have so many candidates jostling in the presidential field. One voter in Nashua, calling the large contingent "offensive," said there's too much politics in the state and the primary season shouldn't be starting so early. Others think the big group will give interested voters more time to listen and meet with the candidates in order to make more educated decisions.

One waitress at the popular Merrimack Coffee Shop in Manchester, a must-stop for all presidential hopefuls, said New Hampshire is "retail politics" where the candidates and voters can try each other on before buying. 

Although many candidates have visited New Hampshire to campaign, it's those who have visited for other reasons who are generating the most buzz. In Nashua, one young female voter said she was excited that Sen. Hillary Clinton (D) had joined the race and that she hadn't thought she'd see a serious female candidate in her lifetime. In Manchester, a veteran said he's definately voting for Clinton.

As for the Republicans, many voters in Nashua didn't seem to think that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) would be overshadowed in his own backyard by bigger-name candidates, and that their votes would go to him because of his New England ties.