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The Democratic Agenda

The Washington Post notes that Democrats' choice of Webb to respond to Bush speech tomorrow night underscores the growing role Virginia is playing in Democratic politics," as Webb follows Gov. Tim Kaine, who gave the response last year." 

Roll Call notes that "the first 100 hours didn't take 100 hours. According to the clock on the House Majority Leader Web site, they came in at a tidy 42 hours and 25 minutes." 

The Washington Post reports growing tensions between Speaker Nancy Pelosi "and many new committee chairmen and other members over her aggressive management style and her approach to the war."  Among the beefs: her "decision to impose six-year term limits on" committee chairs; her allegedly being "too cautious in confronting President Bush on the war;" her "denying Republicans more say in the early legislation, making [her] appear autocratic;" and her allegedly "relying too heavily on a coterie of liberal allies from her home state and Massachusetts to the exclusion of more conservative lawmakers." 

The Washington Times looks at how the Republican minority has been able to quote Democrats in complaining about being left out of the decision-making process.  "Though Republicans for a dozen years largely shut Democrats out of the lawmaking process using many of the same tactics, they have justified their complaints this year by saying voters sent a message they want more bipartisanship."