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Webb gets ready

From NBC's Huma Zaidi
Sen. Jim Webb says he's still thinking through what he wants to say tomorrow night when he delivers the Democratic Party's response to Bush's State of the Union address but he does not intend to deliver a "particularly partisan" speech.  "My speech will highlight areas where Democrats in Congress have different priorities," Webb said in a conference call with reporters this afternoon. "That part of the campaign is over. It's now time to govern," he added.

Webb would not comment specifically on what else he plans to say in his speech, but he did say that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have made a "number of recommendations" and given their "thoughts" but that he will write the speech himself. Webb said he will make some comments about Iraq. While it's not clear that he will address this particular issue, Webb expressed concern over the amount of money being spent on reconstruction efforts in Iraq versus the money that is being used to rebuild New Orleans. He also said that Bush's decision to send more troops to Iraq is more like "flailing around" than coming up with a real strategy.