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The Libby Trial

After the third day of jury selection in the Lewis "Scooter" Libby's trial, NBC's Kelly O'Donnell says a total of 49 prospective jurors have been brought forward for questioning. Thirty of them have been accepted as qualified to serve, while 19 have been rejected -- mostly for expressing bias towards the Bush Administration, Vice President Cheney, and the Iraq war. Six more qualified jurors are still needed before the two sides can exercise "strikes" to reach a jury of 12, plus four alternates. 

O'Donnell adds that there is no jury work today due to the judge's calendar. So the next questioning will occur on Monday. Opening statements are now projected for Tuesday -- the same day as Bush's State of the Union address.

NBC's Adam Verdugo reports on some of the color from yesterday's juror questioning. One female, he says, stated shortly after sitting down that she was a "very partisan Democrat." The judge responded with "You're an American first, right?" She was dismissed. Another female, who works for the CIA doing mostly clerical duties, stated: "Bush is not one of my favorite people." Libby's attorney interjected, "And Cheney?" "About the same," she replied.