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New look for Page Board?

From NBC's Mike Viqueira
The House will vote later this morning to revamp its Page Board, the much maligned panel that stood accused of complicity in a partisan cover-up during the Mark Foley scandal. You'll recall that the then-chairman of the Board, Rep. John Shimkus (R-Il), responded to initial allegations of salacious e-mails by joining the House Clerk and going to Foley. The two men gave the Florida Republican a stern talking to in private but it proved to be ineffective in curbing his behavior. The meeting and the allegations were all kept hush-hush. Shimkus neglected to inform the other members of the Board of what had transpired, including Democrat Dale Kildee and Republican Shelley Moore Capito. Today, Kildee has sponsored legislation that would equalize the number of Republicans and Democrats on the Board, as well as include a parent of a page and a representative of former pages on the panel.