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How early is this presidential race starting? Investigative reporters are already doing their digging on the candidates. The Washington Post reports that the people who purchased John Edwards' Georgetown home for $5.2 million were Paul and Terry Klaassen, the wealthy founders of the nation's largest assisted-living housing chain for seniors -- who have been criticized by some of the very unions Edwards is courting, and who are the subject of an SEC inquiry. "Edwards was told the Klaassens' name 'in passing' around the time the offer came in on Dec. 18, [an Edwards spokeswoman] said last night, but he did not investigate further and had no knowledge of their business until a reporter's inquiry Wednesday."

The Los Angeles Times notes that some African-American politicians and leaders have doubts about Barack Obama and will be supporting other Democratic presidential candidates (like Edwards or Clinton). "Excitement is spreading among Democratic Party activists that Obama might have a shot at winning the White House, but black opinion leaders are still sizing him up - and some are already expressing greater kinship with other candidates."

The Washington Times looks at how and why global warming will be a key issue in the next presidential race.