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The Bush/GOP Agenda

The New York Times reports that, due to budgeting problems at the Small Business Administration, the federal government's biggest program to help people recover from natural disasters is about to run out of money. "If Congress does not intervene in the next month or so to cover the administrative costs of the program, it will have to shut down… [E]ven a temporary shutdown could delay aid to victims of the ice storms in the Midwest and other recent natural disasters, and would further hamper a program that was widely criticized for its slow response to the hurricanes that hit the Gulf Coast in 2005."

The Washington Times again covers some of the opposition to incoming RNC chair Mel Martinez. "Texas RNC member Denise McNamara said the attempt by Mr. Bush's supporters on the national committee to name Sen. Mel Martinez of Florida as general chairman 'is like pouring gas on an already smoldering electorate' … 'Choosing an RNC chairman who supports amnesty [for illegal aliens] is tantamount to telling the conservative majority of Americans that they do not matter.'" 

Despite this rebellion by some members, the Miami Herald reports that the White House is confident in Martinez's chances of becoming RNC chairman.