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Mehlman's farewell

From NBC's Mark Murray
In his last speech as chairman of the Republican National Committee, Ken Mehlman listed four lessons that he said his party should learn from its midterm losses last fall. First, he made the argument that House Minority Leader John Boehner made earlier: that Republicans must be the party of reform. "It must be our party that recommits itself to being the party of change." Second, he contended that Republicans shouldn't tolerate corruption or ethical transgressions. "Public service is a sacred trust," he said, "and we cannot allow it to be sullied by anybody -- Republican or Democrat."

The third lesson, Mehlman said, is that Republicans need to continue to grow the party by reaching out to minorities. And his fourth lesson -- which might surprise some of his political opponents -- is that Republicans need to do a better job of working with Democrats. "This doesn't mean we abandon our philosophy," Mehlman explained. "But on many issues, we can ... think broadly about how to work with Democrats and independents to accomplish our mission."