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Former Iowa Rep. (and gubernatorial nominee) Jim Nussle (R) will join Rudy Giuliani's campaign as his top advisor in Iowa, the Des Moines Register says. "Having Nussle on board could help Giuliani among conservatives, although the two disagree on a key social issue. Giuliani backs abortion rights, while Nussle supports making abortion illegal in all cases except to save the life of the mother." 

After conservative Christian leader James Dobson made critical remarks about John McCain, the AP says, the Republican senator replied, "'I'm obviously disappointed and I'd like to continue and have a dialogue with Dr. Dobson and other members of the community'"   

The Washington Times covers Tom Tancredo's announcement that he's also forming an exploratory committee, saying Tancredo "stands out from that pack because he brings to the race a dedicated army of talk-radio show hosts and activists who oppose illegal immigration."

There's a sense of urgency in the environmental community about the threat of global warming, and the League of Conservation Voters says it wants to do something about it in 2008. The League has launched a campaign that will focus on getting presidential candidates in both parties not to only address the issue, but also to campaign on it. Navin Nayak, director of the League's Global Warming Project, tells First Read that the campaign will also focus on voter education and outreach (especially in the early primary states), donating money to presidential candidates, and media outreach.