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The Libby Trial

The Los Angeles Times on the trial: "At a time when most high-profile Washington criminal defendants cop pleas to avoid the glare of the courtroom, the case should provide a rare display of political theater, a throwback to the days of Watergate and the Iran-Contra arms-for-hostages scandal, which played out in the same federal courthouse where Libby's fate will be decided." More: "The politically charged case against Libby may be the closest thing that critics of the Bush administration ever get to a public trial dealing with the justifications for the Iraq war."

As the Washington Post reported yesterday, the jury selection isn't expected to be easy, given the case's publicity, the politics over the Iraq war, and the likely testimony from figures like Vice President Dick Cheney, NBC's Tim Russert, and the Washington Post's Bob Woodward.

Indeed, per the AP, potential jurors will be asked a wide range of questions about the war, politics, and the media. Aside from asking the jurors if they have followed "recent political scandals," defense attorneys will question jurors about their views on the Iraq war. Among the questions: "'Based on what you know at this time, do you believe that the Administration misled the American people to justify going to war?'" and "'Do you have particularly strong feelings about the war in Iraq?'"