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The Libby Trial

Jury selection in the Lewis "Scooter" Libby trial begins tomorrow. The Washington Post: "The estimated six-week trial will pit current and former Bush administration officials against one another… It also will force the media into painful territory, with as many as 10 journalists called to testify for or against an official who was, for some of them, a confidential source."

The AP: "Libby's lawyers say they plan to call Cheney, who can bolster claims that Libby had more pressing things on his mind than Plame." NBC's Joel Seidman reports that, per legal experts, this would be the first time a sitting vice president has ever testified at a criminal trial.

In his interview on FOX yesterday, the New York Times writes, Cheney called Libby "'one of the finest individuals I've ever known.' Pressed about his former aide's honesty, Mr. Cheney replied, 'I believe he's one of the more honest men I know.'" More: "Whatever the nature of Mr. Cheney's remarks, if he testifies, the very fact of his appearance would underscore how the trial has created a deeply uncomfortable moment for the White House. It is a problem not only because a former official faces serious charges, but also because the subject is connected closely with how the administration may have used flawed intelligence about Iraq to justify going to war."