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Edwards' "big decision"

From NBC's Elizabeth Wilner
We'll take a wild guess and say that former Sen. John Edwards (D) is about to announce his candidacy for president. Edwards e-mailed his supporters over the holiday weekend, titling the e-mail "The big decision" and writing that he's going to try to "bring Americans together in all fifty states to tackle the big challenges facing our country, from poverty and lack of health care, to energy and global warming." (Edwards didn't talk much about global warming when he ran in 2003-2004, but the topic seems to be a hit among Democrats considering the presidency these days after Al Gore found success with his film "An Inconvenient Truth.")

Edwards also has a live TODAY interview scheduled for tomorrow morning from New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward. And the New York Times pretty much reports today that he will indeed pull the trigger tomorrow.

With Edwards' entry, the political press corps will have to resist the temptation to cast the Democratic primary as a two-person race between Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Newsweek covers notwithstanding. The most recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows that Edwards, rather than Clinton or Obama, is the only Democratic contender who beats Sen. John McCain (R) in a nationwide head-to-head match-up. Edwards defeats the presumed GOP frontrunner by 43% to 41%. That said, he placed third in the Democratic primary trial heat, with Clinton far ahead at 37%, Obama at 18%, and Edwards at 14%.