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More 2008 timetables

From NBC News sources
Former Speaker Newt Gingrich told NBC's Tim Russert yesterday that he may jump into the presidential race this fall if there's still room in the GOP field.  Sen. Hillary Clinton (D) told NBC's Meredith Vieira she's still seriously considering a bid and will decide after the first of the year.  Another Democrat who also appears to be leaning toward running and says he'll announce next month, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson (D) hit New Hampshire this weekend. 

While his event in New Ipswich didn't quite measure up to the 1,500-strong crowd who gathered to hear Sen. Barack Obama in Manchester a week before, Richardson nevertheless got a strong showing, per one unaffiliated Democratic activist who attended. About 200 people came to the catered party, complete with heated tent, bartenders, and live music. The crowd included not only local Democratic activists but a busload from Manchester and some from as far away as Rye.

"Richardson spoke briefly, the usual talk about how New Hampshire is the best place to have the first primary, etc., and the usual introductory comments," the activist tells First Read. "He spoke about how he had a budget surplus in New Mexico, raised immunization rates of children, and the like. He mentioned that he met with some North Koreans on Friday night 'to let them talk' and that we should be talking to everyone, including North Korea, Syria, and Iran. He mentioned that he told President Bush that they should talk to North Korea. Bush said that North Korea is not a moral country," the activist recounted Richardson saying. "Richardson replied that if we were only talking to moral countries, the only country we would be talking to is the Vatican."