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The incoming majority

Part of the challenge facing the Democratic majority: raising the public's estimation of members of Congress.  Currently, members rank about on par with insurance salespeople, per the new Gallup Poll

In a USA Today profile, Reid shrugs off Bush's recent attempt to bond with him over their shared Western roots.  "Out here in Reid's wind-blown patch of the Mojave Desert, the Democratic senator from Nevada says he doesn't feel much kinship with the Republican president, regional or otherwise."  More: "He hasn't talked with Bush since their White House meeting in early November, but he is encouraged by contacts from Bush's top aides."  He also continues to say he did nothing improper in "his handling of a 2004 sale of Las Vegas property that netted a $700,000 gain." 

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus are calling for Rep. William Jefferson to get his Ways and Means seat back, possibly putting Pelosi in an awkward position since Rep. Alan Mollohan (D), who also has had some ethical problems, has not been forced from his influential committee seat (though Mollohan did quit the Ethics Committee).