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CBN News blogs about a comment they got from Gov. Mitt Romney's communications director in response to a 1994 letter in which Romney, who was challenging Sen. Ted Kennedy (D) at the time, "talks about equality for gays and lesbians."  Romney's aide: "Over the past four years as governor, Mitt Romney has not implemented new or special rights in this area and he has not advocated or supported any change in the military's policies.  As governor, he's been a champion of traditional marriage.  He's fought the efforts of activist judges who seek to redefine marriage, and he's testified before the U.S. Senate in support of the Federal Marriage Amendment."  CBN adds: "How quick will Romney be to go in front of the cameras on this topic.  Family conservative activist groups like Family Research Council and Focus on the Family are not happy." 

The Boston Globe's Canellos looks at some of the moves that have made Romney a serious contender for the Republican nomination. 

Sen. Sam Brownback meets with grassroots leaders and activists at the Polk County GOP Christmas party.