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"The only bipartisan advice you're going to get"

From the presidential pool report
White House spokesman Tony Snow noted that the Iraq Study Group report contains "no timetable" and "no recommendation for immediate withdrawal." "There is nothing in there about puling back militarily," he said. There is, though, a recommendation that the United States "engage directly with Iran and Syria," and that the United States "consider incentives and disincentives" for the two nations.

Per Snow, group co-chair Lee Hamilton (D) told Bush during the meeting, "This is the only bipartisan advice you're going to get." Every member of the group made a statement. Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor spoke about religion, co-chair Jim Baker about diplomacy, and former Sen. Charles Robb (D) about the military. Per Snow, "one thing that was striking" was that every member of the group spoke about the bipartisanship of the commission. Snow said the members realize there is a "sense of exhaustion at the political tone."

Snow's briefing took place in his office, which has a poster on the wall showing Uncle Sam and saying, "We're at War: Are YOU Doing All You Can?"