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The Outgoing Majority

The Wall Street Journal points out that House Republicans are intentionally leaving some spending bills undone, and that their "unstated goal" is to "disrupt the Democratic agenda and make it harder for the new majority to meet its promise to reinstitute 'pay-as-you-go' budget rules, under which new costs or tax cuts must be offset to protect the deficit from growing...  The White House is watching with alarm, as are many Senate Republicans, who have a greater stake than the House in maintaining relations with Democrats." 

House Republicans also effectively killed a plan that would award red Utah and the blue District of Columbia with two new congressional seats, the New York Times writes.  However, the chances for approval could be greater when Democrats take control of Congress next year.  

The Los Angeles Times has a status report on what GOP goals were achieved during their 12 years in the majority -- and how many remain to be addressed as they wrap up the lame duck session.  "GOP lawmakers express resignation as they contemplate seeing many of their cherished goals consigned to oblivion, replaced by priorities near and dear to the hearts of Democrats." 

Incoming Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is urging his ranks to attend outgoing Majority Leader Bill Frist's farewell speech on the floor tomorrow as a sign of comity.  "Frist likely will speak to a full audience - a markedly different setting from the time in 2004 when the Senate bade a teary farewell to Minority Leader Tom Daschle (D-S.D.), who lost his bid for re-election."