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Midterm Mania (Yes, Still)

The race for Florida's 13th district has been called for Republican Vern Buchanan, who appears to have won by 369 votes, but Democrat Christine Jennings "already has filed suit in a Florida circuit court seeking a revote," and "also intends to contest the result with the House Administration Committee... by the Dec. 20 deadline," Roll Call reports.  "Filing an official protest with the [committee] will automatically make the Jennings/Buchanan case one of the first indicators of just how partisan the 110th Congress will be...  Republicans are concerned that the incoming Democratic House leadership might not seat anyone until the [committee] finishes its review and issues a recommendation on the matter." 

USA Today looks at this Saturday's runoff for Democratic Rep. William Jefferson's seat after Jefferson only got 30% of the vote in the primary.  After Katrina, "weary voters in the district must decide whether to re-elect a member of Congress after the FBI found $90,000 in marked bills in his freezer." 

The Houston Chronicle says Texas homebuilder Bob Perry gave $16 million into state and federal races this past election cycle (most of it benefiting Republicans), making him the cycle's biggest individual donor.