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Midterm Mania (Yes, Still)

In FLORIDA, Sarasota County elections officials said they found no malfunctions in their voting machines, which has been the source of controversy in the race between Republican Vern Buchanan and Democrat Christine Jennings.  Despite the tests, "there were still no clues about why a high number of voters -- more than 18,000 -- did not have votes recorded in the Buchanan-Jennings race on Election Day...  But the tests were already being questioned by the Democratic contender in the race, as well as fellow Democrats in the U.S. House -- which looks more and more likely to get involved."

In NORTH CAROLINA, the recount in the race between incumbent Rep. Robin Hayes (R) and challenger Larry Kissell (D) begins today and will last until Thursday; Kissell trails by 329 votes.  "A full hand recount will be ordered if the results in the sampled precincts show that that there is potential for the race's outcome to be reversed." 

The AP writes that Victoria Wulsin (D) yesterday conceded to OHIO Rep. Jean Schmidt (R), but said she might run again.  "Also Tuesday, Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, as expected, ordered counties to recount votes in the closely divided 15th District.  Rep. Deborah Pryce, a seven-term Republican, won the Nov. 7 contest against Democratic challenger Mary Jo Kilroy by 1,055 votes - a small enough margin to trigger an automatic recount.  The three counties in the district must do a recount no later than Dec. 8, Blackwell said." 

The AP also reports that former Rep. Ciro Rodriguez (D) is being endorsed by the man who knocked him out of Congress -- Rep. Henry Cuellar (D) -- in Rodriguez's December runoff in TEXAS against Rep. Henry Bonilla (R).