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Midterm mania (yes, still)

Now that Ohio GOP Reps. Deborah Pryce and Jean Schmidt have been declared the winners of their races (though Pryce faces an automatic recount), the breakdown in the House currently stands at 232-201.  The two undecided contests are in North Carolina, where GOP Rep. Robin Hayes is leading by 329 votes after a machine recount, but a manual recount begins on Wednesday, and in Texas, where GOP Rep. Henry Bonilla is competing in a runoff against former Democratic Rep. Ciro Rodriguez.  The other undecided race is the runoff in Louisiana between Jefferson and Carter, but the seat won't change hands since both are Democrats.

The Columbus Dispatch writes that Pryce's Democratic opponent, Mary Jo Kilroy, isn't conceding just yet.  "She said she's not sure a recount will change the outcome, but at least it will be a worthwhile double-check of new voting equipment that was used for the first time in a general election." 

And although the AP has declared Schmidt the victor in her race, opponent Victoria Wulsin (D) has refused to concede -- but the contest should be certified by today, the Cincinnati Enquirer says.