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Pelosi's day

From NBC's Mike Viqueira
Rep. Alcee Hastings (D) is expected to pay a call on incoming Speaker Nancy Pelosi today in her (soon-to-be-former) Capitol office. Hastings is expected to lay out his case for why he should become the next chair of the House Intelligence Committee. His appointment is in some doubt because he was impeached as a judge before getting elected to Congress. The time of the meeting is TBD; Pelosi was asked about the matter at her photo-op with the Italian deputy prime minister, and she declined to talk about it.

Pelosi did have a few comments about Iraq, however, saying "I feel sad" that President Bush is "resorting" to his rhetoric of blaming al Queda for the level of violence there. "If the President persists on the course that he is on... then that will make it more difficult" to work in a bipartisan way, she said.