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Iowa Republicans have set August 11, 2007 as the date for their
signature straw poll at Iowa State in Ames. 

The Washington Post's Broder reviews the Romney record as governor of a
state that may be more of an albatross than a boon for him in 2008. 

"Aides to Arizona Sen. John McCain and [Romney] have begun interviewing
potential Iowa staff," per the Des Moines Register, which also reported
yesterday that Sen. Barack Obama (D) is, too.  

McCain could face some familiar-seeming tough opposition in South
Carolina.  The State reports that Romney has hired a consultant to his
presidential campaign who is "generally recognized as the architect behind
[President] BushâĨœs hard-hitting campaign in S.C. in 2000." 

GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter tells the Washington Times that he's the party's
"best bet to reconstitute the blue-collar coalition that helped the
party win the White House in the 1980s.  Mr. Hunter, who is seeking the
presidential nomination in 2008, says he can rebuild that coalition by
campaigning on defense, traditional values and fair trade." 

GOP Sen. Sam Brownback, meanwhile, said on ABC that "'there is room, on
the Republican side, for somebody that's a full-scale conservative,
that's an economic and fiscal and social conservative...  So we'll be
making some announcements, soon, about that'...  In addition to taking an
AIDS test" to highlight poverty in Africa and global health issues, "Mr.
Brownback also plans to spend a night in jail to highlight what he
calls a need for prison reform."  (Obama also has taken an AIDS test.) 

The Hartford Courant says Sen. Chris Dodd (D) "is proceeding at his own
carefully calibrated pace," which is not the same pace at which many of
his potential rivals are moving. 

Denver, having made some progress toward resolving its hotel issues,
feels good about its chances to win the 2008 Democratic presidential
convention -- especially after Colorado served up some key victories for
the party on election day.