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The Lame Duck Session

"Given that GOP conservatives have prevented their colleagues on the House and Senate Appropriations panels from moving forward with plans to pass the nine remaining spending bills as an omnibus package, Republicans leaders are now expected to punt the issue to next yearâĨœs Democratic-led Congress rather than take the time to piece together major
spending legislation," Roll Call reports.  "A CR that lasts until the beginning of February, or even the beginning of March, could put Democratic appropriators on a collision course with the Bush administrationâĨœs fiscal 2008 budget, which... is likely to include a request for an
emergency war supplemental spending bill that exceeds $100 million." 

Rep. Tom Davis (R) plans to "make a run for" passage of his bill that would give the District of Columbia a voting representative in the House and balance out that safe Democratic seat by giving another seat to reliably Republican Utah.  Legal scholars debate whether or not it's
constitutional, but "most observers believe President Bush would sign it, even though he said earlier this month, 'It's the first I've heard of it.'"