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"Measuring the drapes" -- for real

From NBC's Mike Viqueira
Incoming Speaker Nancy Pelosi has decided to pick up and move her suite of offices across National Statuary Hall to the space now occupied by outgoing GOP Speaker Dennis Hastert.

Democratic speakers and leaders have been in the suite where Pelosi is currently situated for years. Pelosi herself has often marveled at how she finds herself in the same office used by one of her personal heroes, Tip O'Neill. But construction on the Capitol Visitors Center has shrunk that space considerably, and though Pelosi was known to harbor desires to stay where she is, her staff was insistent. Plus, the Hastert space on the west side of the Capitol has a balcony that affords a dramatic view down the National Mall.

So it turns out that she really will need to measure the drapes -- as President Bush suggested Democrats were doing in the weeks before the election.