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Clark weighs in

From NBC's Elizabeth Wilner
Another potential presidential candidate is weighing in on Iraq. Retired Gen. Wes Clark (D) lays out his proposal in a USA Today op-ed: "The right approach is a coordinated diplomatic, legal, economic and security campaign drawing upon broader dialogue in the region and intensified political work inside Iraq," which would be achieved by establishing "an effective, sustained shuttle diplomacy within the region;" forming "a high-level interagency diplomatic team, representing the White House and secretaries of State and Defense and led by an experienced, respected diplomat;" and beginning "talks within Iraq, and with all its neighbors, based on a clear set of principles outlined by the team. The goal would be to seek the commitments necessary to achieve our aims inside Iraq and also advance U.S. interests in the region."

Democrats, meanwhile, are alleging that GOP Sen. John McCain's critique of the Bush Administration's approach to Iraq this past weekend represents a flip-flop. A longtime supporter of the war, McCain said on ABC that the Administration's current approach isn't working, calling it a "failed policy." He continues to press for more US troops in the region.