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More stirring of the '08 pot

From staff and wire reports
More developments on the 2008 front.  On the Democratic side, Sen. Joe Biden told NBC's Matt Lauer on TODAY this morning that he plans to "jump in the water, I guess officially, sometime after the first of the year."  Biden hasn't exactly been coy about his intention to run.  Indeed, his frank talk about a presidential bid has reportedly drawn the attention of the FEC, which is keeping an ear out in case Biden starts sounding so much like a candidate that he needs to take some formal bureaucratic steps to back that up.

And Sen. John Kerry (D) said on FOX yesterday that his botched joke about President Bush's Iraq policy in late October won't get in the way should he decide to run.  Kerry also said he'd be deciding "somewhere around the turn of the year."

Gov. Mitt Romney (R) of Massachusetts, meanwhile, is trying to use his final weeks in office in Massachusetts to build a national platform by calling on state legislators to vote on a same-sex marriage ban, or else he'll file a lawsuit asking the state's highest court to order that such a question be placed on the 2008 ballot.  Legislators left for the year without voting on a ban, but have one day left to do so: their final day in session is January 2.  Romney's term expires two days later.