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Obama weighs in on Iraq

From NBC's Mark Hudspeth
Sen. Barack Obama (D) will address the Chicago Council on Global Affairs today. Per an advance look at his text, Obama will lay out a plan for Iraq that includes: 1) a phased redeployment of US troops from Iraq on a timetable that would begin in four to six months; 2) dedication of the remaining troops to protecting critical infrastructure and American enclaves, and to serving as a rapid reaction force; 3) a link between economic aid to tangible progress in reducing sectarian violence; and 4) a regional conference with US, Iraqi, Syrian, Turkish, Jordanian, and British leaders.

Obama also will make note of three lessons he thinks the United States should take from its experience in Iraq: 1) that the US government should be more modest in its belief that it can impose democracy on a country through military force; 2) that it is not enough to simply plan for war -- you must also plan for success; and 3) that the defeat of international terror will require the help of many nations.