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Midterm Mania (Yes, Still)

By our count, Democrats currently hold a 232-197 advantage over Republicans in the House, with six undecided races:

-- NM-1 (where GOP Rep. Heather Wilson holds a lead over Democrat Patricia Madrid)
-- NC-8 (where GOP Rep. Robin Hayes holds a lead over Democrat Larry Kissell)
-- OH-2 (where GOP Rep. Jean Schmidt holds a lead over Democrat Victoria Wulsin)
-- OH-15 (where GOP Rep. Deborah Pryce holds a lead over Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy)
-- TX-23 (where GOP Rep. Henry Bonilla is in a runoff against Democrat Ciro Rodriguez)
-- WY-AL (where GOP Rep. Barbara Cubin holds a lead over Democrat Gray Trauner)

Even though the AP called the race in favor of Vern Buchanan (R), he and Democrat Christine Jennings (D) are involved in a recount down in Florida.  And a final undecided seat -- the runoff in Louisiana between Rep. Bill Jefferson and challenger Karen Carter -- won't change parties because both are Democrats.

Former Rep. Mark Foley's father passed away on Tuesday.  Funeral services are set for Saturday. 

And the Houston Chronicle follows up on an earlier report by Roll Call that seven congressional aides who worked for Tom DeLay resigned after serving his replacement, Shelley Sekula-Gibbs, for about 24 hours.  "Kevin Madden, a former DeLay spokesman who works for Boehner and was not among the seven, said the holdover staffers 'felt like they were treated terribly.'  He would not elaborate."