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Murtha: Ethics Reform "Crap"?

From NBC's Mike Viqueira
Rep. Jack Murtha, who is locked in a fierce fight with Rep. Steny Hoyer to be the next majority leader, last night told a group of moderate Democrats that ethics reform "is total crap," according to a Democrat who was present.

"Even though I think the ethics bill is total crap, I'm going to work to pass it anyway because that is what Nancy [Pelosi] wants," Murtha said during a campaign pitch to the Blue Dog Democrats, a group of 44 fiscally conservative Democrats.

Pelosi, who is one of Murtha's most loyal and steadfast supporters, has run against "the culture of corruption" and "draining the swamp that is Washington." But, the blunt Murtha has his own ethical baggage, which was the focus of a story by Senior Investigative Correspondent Lisa Myers on Nightly News last night.

Also, as  we noted this morning, MSNBC's Tom Curry reported that when asked whether his baggage would make him the wrong leader at this point, Murtha said, "Wait 'til you see the ethics package we'll pass and I'll support."  When reminded he didn't support the last one, he added, "But you'll see me support the next one."