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President Bush stopped in Moscow earlier this morning en route to Singapore.  Bush has launched his own "sweeping internal review" of Iraq policy, as the Washington Post notes.  Administration officials insist that the point of the effort is not to compete with that of the bipartisan Iraq Study Group, "although the White House wants to complete the process before mid-December, about the time the Iraq Study Group's final report is expected."  The new review "could give the administration alternatives so that it feels less pressure to fully implement the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group report, foreign policy experts said." 

Today also brings the Senate Armed Services hearing on the current situation in Iraq, which was scheduled before the election but now seems certain to produce some interesting moments, given the various agendas of incoming committee chair Carl Levin and the presidential contenders who serve on the panel.

The Washington Times focuses on Democratic disagreements on what course to pursue in Iraq. 

The New York Times writes that while many Democrats are calling for a phased redeployment from Iraq, that argument "is being challenged by a number of military officers, experts and former generals, including some who have been among the most vehement critics of the Bush administration's Iraq policies."