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"For Rudy, is 'star power' enough?" the New York Daily News asks.  The paper reports that "dirty tricksters" in conservative states have been spreading word about Giuliani's liberal stands on guns, abortion, and gay marriage.  Another Daily News article notes that Giuliani's political advisers are mostly old City Hall pals with little or no national experience (of course, the last few successful presidential campaigns -- Reagan in 1980, Clinton in 1992, and Bush in 2000 -- came from outside the Beltway).

A gift registry set up by friends of Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) and his wife for an upcoming housewarming party is causing a stir.  Huckabee, "who has tangled with the state ethics panel in the past over gifts, on Tuesday criticized media reports about the Web-site registries at Target stores and Dillard's department stores," writes the AP.  "Huckabee said he would report gifts on financial disclosure forms if he's required to by law, but indicated he did not see any ethical problems in accepting them." 

Sen. Evan Bayh (D) holds a press availability today with the three new Democratic House members from Indiana.  Based on an earlier memo sent out by Bayh's staff, he can be expected to point out any or all of the following: "of the 29 House seats that the Democrats picked up, 10 came from the Midwest" (including three from Indiana); that Bayh "stumped for Democratic candidates across the country, particularly in Red States like Ohio, Kentucky, Nevada, and Arizona;" and/or that "Bayh's All America PAC trained and deployed 50 paid campaign staffers to crucial races in Indiana, Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina."

Edwards is in downtown DC today signing copies of his latest book, "HOME: The Blueprints of Our Lives."  He does Letterman on Friday.

The Chicago Tribune writes about Obama's upcoming visit to the evangelical church headed by past Rick Warren, author of the "Purpose-Driven Life."   "Aides to Obama say he will appear at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif., on Dec. 1, World AIDS Day, drawing attention to the kind of issue that the senator from Illinois says should unite all people of faith, regardless of their particular religion."