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The outgoing majority


Ousted Sen. Rick Santorum, who will continue in his number-three post as Senate GOP Conference chair, will oversee the conference's leadership elections today.

House Republicans "are growing increasingly frustrated with their choices" in their own elections, reports the Washington Times.  "Most insiders say Rep. John A. Boehner... is favored to win the top spot, but Rep. Mike Pence, Indiana Republican, has been widely praised by conservatives off the Hill as a fresh face...  Some Republicans have expressed reluctance to return Mr. Boehner to leadership after last week's disastrous elections, and some are opposed to Mr. Pence for forging a compromise on immigration that critics dismissed as 'amnesty.'  Yesterday, Mr. Pence renounced those efforts." 

The Los Angeles Times focuses on discontent among conservatives over the White House's selection of Sen. Mel Martinez to be the face of the Republican National Committee because of his support for comprehensive immigration reform.  "The selection... made it clear that Bush and his chief political strategist, Karl Rove, believed the party's future depended on striking a moderate image on immigration.  It also suggested that the White House saw the party's support for get-tough legislation on the issue as contributing to its midterm election losses." 

The Miami Herald also reports on "grumbling within the GOP's conservative base" because of Martinez's position on illegal immigration.