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A couple of still unsettled House races will affect what can and cannot be said about just how striking last week's election was.  A recount in Connecticut will determine whether or not Rep. Chris Shays is the last Republican House member left standing in all of New England.  If his fellow Connecticut Republican Rob Simmons pulls out a win, Shays will have company.  If Simmons doesn't, then Shays will enjoy this dubious distinction.  And a recount in Democratic Rep. John Barrow's district in Georgia will make the difference between Barrow's party emerging from the election without losing a single House, Senate, or statehouse seat anywhere, and Barrow becoming the only guy to lose a seat.

Per the AP, Democrats currently hold a 230-197 advantage over Republicans in the House, with eight undecided races:
-- CT-12 (where Democrat Joe Courtney holds a slight lead over Simmons)
-- GA-12 (where Barrow holds a lead over Republican Max Burns)
-- NM-1 (where GOP Rep. Heather Wilson holds a lead over Democrat Patricia Madrid)
-- NC-8 (where GOP Rep. Robin Hayes holds a lead over Democrat Larry Kissell)
-- OH-2 (where GOP Rep. Jean Schmidt holds a lead over Democrat Victoria Wulsin)
-- OH-15 (where GOP Rep. Deborah Pryce holds a lead over Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy)
-- TX-23 (where GOP Rep. Henry Bonilla is in a runoff against Democrat Ciro Rodriguez)
-- WY-AL (where GOP Rep. Barbara Cubin holds a lead over Democrat Gray Trauner)

Also, even though the AP called it in favor of Vern Buchanan (R), he and Democrat Christine Jennings are involved in a recount in Florida's 13th district.