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By forming an exploratory committee in New York, Giuliani "stopped short of filing documents with the Federal Election Commission to create a presidential campaign committee…  Federal election law allows individuals exploring a candidacy to 'test the waters' before deciding to run for federal office.  The prospective candidate does not need to register with the commission, but must abide by the same contribution and spending limits as declared candidates." 

The New York Post says Giuliani's filing "ratchets up the early heat in the 2008 contest at a time when Giuliani was facing pressure to make a move..."  More: "Despite leading in national opinion polls, Giuliani has raised eyebrows for keeping a relatively low profile in terms of building a campaign operation, while other candidates - most of them current officeholders - have started hiring staff." 

Sen. Hillary Clinton (D) is quitting her leadership post, The Hill reports.  "It would have been extremely difficult for Clinton to run for the White House while handling Senate Democrats' outreach to allied coalitions.  Clinton's spokesman, however, said she is leaving the leadership to focus on her regular Senate duties." 

Former Sen. John Edwards (D) is on New York's Upper West Side tonight signing copies of his latest book, "HOME: The Blueprints of Our Lives."  The book is a photo essay "that tells the story of Americans' common values and dreams through essays and pictures of the childhood homes of a diverse group of people, both celebrities and regular Americans," per the release.

Roll Call reminds us that the following presidential contenders are also up for re-election to their Senate seats in 2008: Biden (D), Hagel (R), and Kerry (D).