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The Bush GOP, Post-2006

Bloomberg points out that Democrats' takeover of the Senate means Bush's ability to appoint judges has basically ended.  It also "limits Bush's options filling any Supreme Court vacancy that might develop before he leaves office.  A nominee such as [Sam] Alito -- who drew the support of just four Democratic senators -- would probably fail to win confirmation...  Republican activists, meanwhile, say Bush should push for strongly ideological candidates even if they won't win confirmation." 

House Republicans are discussing the "idea of passing a long-term continuing resolution that keeps the government running until early next year under current spending limits is being discussed, from both a fatigue standpoint and as a strategic move to start pushing the notion of tax-and-spend Democrats early in the 2008 election cycle." 

The Washington Times, reporting on how the White House has tapped Martinez to be the face of the RNC, suggests that his support for comprehensive immigration reform could be an issue, and says that "[s]ome RNC members greeted the news as another example of White House cronyism, reminiscent of President Bush's attempt to name his personal friend and general counsel Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court."  Apparently Karl Rove "leaked his choice of Mr. Martinez immediately after a conference call in which the Florida senator's name was floated for the first time."  http