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President Giuliani?

From the AP and NBC's Huma Zaidi
"America's Mayor" wants to be America's president.  Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giulini has filed paperwork to set up a committee to explore a presidential bid.  The four-page filing establishes the "Rudy Guiliani Presidential Exploratory Committee, Inc.," which will allow him to fundraise and travel so he can test the waters.  Last year, Giuliani told reporters that he would make a decision about running sometime this year.  He said at the time, "Sometime you warm up and get ready and you don't get in and pitch." 

A moderate who supports abortion rights, Guiliani has come close to seeking another public office before.  He was poised to challenge Hillary Clinton for retiring Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan's seat in 2000 but was diagnosed with prostate cancer and dropped out of the race.  Perhaps this time around, Giuliani might finally get to go tete-a-tete with Clinton, who is also considered a formidable presidential contender.  But first, he'll have to survive a celebrity candidate death match against fellow "maverick" Republican John McCain.