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In case you missed McCain on Meet the Press.

McCain supporter Keith Hirschmann says "he expects McCain will benefit from the fact that the Nevada caucuses have been added between Iowa and New Hampshire, adding that Arizona is right next to Nevada," reports the Manchester Union Leader

The AP notes that if "McCain were to run, he would turn 72 on Aug. 29, 2008, at the height of the campaign.  Only Ronald Reagan was older -- 73 at the start of his second term." 

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel says Feingold's "decision surprised some supporters but didn't shock others.  By all accounts - including his own - Feingold faced a tall climb in winning the nomination...  There was some speculation Sunday that Feingold's decision could in an odd way help [Sen. Hillary] Clinton, since she won't have to defend her record on the war, which has been criticized on the left, from a fellow senator who voted the other way." 

In its look at how the Senate is oozing with potential 2008 contenders despite Senators' bad track record of winning the presidency, the Washington Post says that the idea of Sen. Barack Obama (D) putting in another several years of Senate service before running for president "may be a laudable goal.  But it's a highly questionable presidential strategy." 

"A tide swept out Republicans across the country Tuesday, but in South Carolina, it was the Democrats who were nearly swallowed by the sea," writes The State.  "More than 1 million S.C. voters cast ballots on Election Day, and the GOP came within a few hundred votes of sweeping all nine statewide elected offices outright."  Democratic state chair Joe Erwin is hopeful and said the state's "first-in-the-South Democratic presidential primary" in 2008 "will be key to motivating voters."