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The Bush GOP, post-2006


Newsweek asks how Karl Rove got his calculations so wrong.  "Rove placed so much faith in his figures that, after the elections, he planned to convene a panel of Republican political scientists-to study just how wrong the polls were."  Rove insisted to Time magazine that Iraq wasn't a top concern for voters, per the exit polls but outgoing Republican National Committee chair Ken Mehlman told Newsweek before the election, "There was no bigger issue than the war." 

Per the Sunday Washington Times, some GOP state "chairmen said that without the Iraq war, a number of Republicans would have won...  There was also a belief among many party officials that the war -- when combined with a number of other issues, such as excessive spending and the lobbying and congressional-page scandals -- produced a 'critical mass' that angered and frustrated Republicans and hurt turnout among party members...  But it was the Republican Party's abandonment of its core principles on spending and limited government that these and other Republicans outside the Beltway said was the biggest complaint among the party's grass roots." 

A recount in Connecticut's 2nd district, where Rep. Rob Simmons (R) may or may not win another term, will determine whether or not Rep. Chris Shays is the only Republican House member left standing in all of New England. 

Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, who has been blasting the GOP for straying from its conservative principles, does MSNBC's Hardball today at 5:00 pm.  A Wall Street Journal op-ed says Rep. Mike Pence (R) "will become the second most influential conservative in Washington, behind President Bush," if he wins his bid for Minority Leader.  "The congressional Republicans are engaged in a desperate search for a new revolutionary, a Newt Gingrich figure to help them rediscover who they are and what they believe in." 

The New York Times covers potential presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani saying the elections weren't a rebuke to the GOP.  "'I don't see this election, anymore than the one two years ago or the one four years ago, as a defining election,' said Mr. Giuliani."