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Bush Meets with Iraq Study Group

From NBC's Kelly O'Donnell
President Bush and Vice President Cheney along with other Administration officials met with the Iraq Study Group in the White House as planned today. White House press secretary Tony Snow told reporters at this morning's gaggle that while there was no set agenda for the meeting, a "presentation of alternatives" would not be discussed.  When pressed about what they would be talking about if not options for Iraq, Snow said they could "discuss how one analyzes the scene on the ground right now without getting into specific conversations of ways to proceed." Snow suggested they could discuss issues on a "fact basis" without getting into specific proposals. He also said that it would be "inappropriate" for the Commission to present any of its ideas and get reaction from the president.  Snow added that the group has been "very clear about its independence and we've been respecting that."

The ISG will meet with Democrats tomorrow.