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Ford doesn't want DNC job

From NBC's Mark Murray
Democrat Harold Ford Jr., who narrowly lost his Tennessee Senate bid last week, has just released a statement saying he has no interest in heading the Democratic National Committee. The unlikely prospect that Ford would replace current chair Howard Dean -- who isn't liked by many inside-the-Beltway Democrats, but who enjoys a tremendous amount of support from state party chairs and other DNC members -- was fueled when James Carville was quoted on The New Republic web site late last week saying he'd love to see Ford take over for Dean.

"I have just finished a tough Senate election, and while I care about the future direction of my party, I am not interested in taking over the DNC," Ford says in the statement. "We are now the majority party in the House and Senate, and it is time to move beyond the politics of the campaign and work towards bringing the country together around a common agenda that will strengthen us at home and abroad."

Meanwhile, regarding the speculation over who might succeed Ken Mehlman as Republican National Committee chair, Michael Steele -- who lost his own Senate bid last week -- said on C-Span yesterday that he is interested in the RNC gig. But as we reported last week, per White House and GOP officials, Steele is unlikely to get the job.