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Midterm mania (yes, still!)

"According to The Associated Press, Democrats have won at least 230 House seats, giving them 12 more votes than the 218 needed to control the 435-member chamber.  Two more uncalled races appeared to be leaning Democratic Thursday evening. Republicans had won 196 seats, with 7 uncalled races leaning in their direction." 

Elections officials in Florida's Sarasota County will conduct a recount in the race for the 13th district after it was reported that there were over 13,000 undervotes.  "Regardless of the recount result, the case will likely end up in court and will have ramifications not just in Congress but throughout Florida.  Activist groups from Sarasota to Miami-Dade County have voiced concerns over the soundness and accuracy of the ATM-style touch-screen voting machines in use, and for the process of reviewing votes."