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The outgoing majority


In his first post-election National Journal column, NBC political analyst Charlie Cook writes: "This wave election could have been much worse for the GOP.  At least 13 Republican seats in the toss-up column stayed Republican.  And five more might end up doing so...  But if the Republicans had lost all of their toss-ups -- and nothing else -- they would have suffered a 38-seat setback."

Sen. Lamar Alexander (R) claimed yesterday to have secured enough commitments from his colleagues to win the minority whip job.  Alexander may be challenged for the post by Sen. Trent Lott.

The Washington Post chronicles the long rise and quick, if perhaps temporary fall of outgoing Sen. George Allen (R). 

After Allen's concession, the Boston Globe says, "Many Republicans staff members were disconsolate on Capitol Hill yesterday, aware that the party will lose both staff jobs and the ability to set the agenda for committees."