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Reid's excellent White House adventure

From the White House pool report and NBC's Ken Strickland
President Bush and Vice President Cheney met today with Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid and Democratic Whip Richard Durbin. Per the pool reporter's account: "We were led in at 12:20 pmET. 'The elections are over,' Bush said. 'The problems haven't gone away...' He assured the senators, he said, that 'we'll cooperate... To solve common problems. There is a great opportunity for us to show the country that Republicans and Democrats are equally patriotic,' Bush said. Noting that Reid hails from the West, Bush said: 'We tend to speak the same language.'

"Reid concurred: 'The election's over.' Seems they have this nailed down. Durbin: 'We talked about a lot of important issues... We talked about our agenda moving forward...This is a day about looking forward' and not backward at the campaign. Cheney was speechless.

"With that, after just a few minutes, the four men rose and they shook hands... Almost got a whiplash. Think it was three minutes, tops."

After Reid returned to the Senate, he told reporters that he doesn't want to "frighten" anyone with the notion that Democrats will launch a barrage of investigations on the Bush Administration. Instead, he said Democrats will conduct much needed "oversight," which Reid said was sorely lacking all this time that Republicans have controlled Congress. He added that subpoenas will be sought "rarely."